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Stein may not know it, but she ruined a Democrat strategy to hurt Trump

The Michigan recount showed us why Hillary didn't want it, now Dems can't run against Russian hackers and there's something fishy in Detroit

We knew Hillary didn't want these recounts, now we know why

Jill Stein admitted today that she does not have standing to sue in Michigan for a recount because she can't win. She did that because the court told her that she was not an aggrieved candidate according to Michigan law. Here's the Tweet:

She also admits in that Tweet that Hillary Clinton would have standing but does not want to sue. Remember all the breathless reporting when Hillary joined Stein in the Wisconsin recount?

Well Jill admitted that day that she didn't want Hillary involved because it wasn't about winning, it was about Jill raising money and her profile for the next run in 2020, and Hillary caught onto that. Check out Jill Stein is just promoting herself with the recounts.

Hillary never could win in Michigan or anywhere else

Some of the left actually thought that Hillary might win on a recount. They imagined a massive Russian hacking conspiracy being exposed, but now we know, and so does everyone else that there was no

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hacking. The court ruled today that no evidence of hacking or any other fraud was present. I doubt the Democrats wanted this finding, but they all knew it was coming thanks to Jill Stein.

All along the Russian influence line has largely just been used to deflect the truth that the Wikileaks exposed. They never wanted to truly investigate Russian hacking of the vote becuase they knew it didn't happen. The Democrats just wanted to be able to complain about it for four years, and now Jill Stein has gone and ruined that strategy.

Jill's little recounts did expose something fishy, but it involved Democrats

While Jill didn't succeed in proving that hackers helped Trump win, she did expose that the people running the Detroit voting precincts are either incompetent or corrupt. In Detroit, 392 of the 662 precincts were potentially ineligible to be recounted because their poll books didn't match the voter machine printouts.

Detroit is ninety percent Democratic stronghold. If you had seen this kind of suspicious finding in rural Republican areas, no doubt the mainstream media would have considered that proof of hacking and the Democrats would run on that for four years.

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