Jill Stein is just promoting herself with the recounts

Stein knows Hillary can't win. The recounts are designed to stoke anger and Stein hopes to gain followers.Some modifications made to photo

Some have speculated that Jill Stein is doing Hillary's work, but that's unlikely

If Jill Stein was doing Hillary's work, it's unlikely that Stein would be insulting her as a hypocrite, phony and a corporatist sellout on Twitter. But she has insulted Hillary and the Democrats plenty on Twitter tonight.

Stein also attacked the Democrats tonight

The Stein Scheme: Get in front of an angry mob and become their hero

It looks like Stein is trying to capitalize on the anger of Hillary supporters by calling for a recount, which Hillary was not going to do on her own, and harnessing the anger of disappointed Democrats for her own purposes. It's an obvious opportunistic play on the part of Stein.


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Clinton would not call for a recount on her own because there is no chance of overturning the results of the election. Stein knew this and simply did what Clinton would not do because Stein has nothing to lose. She already caters to radicals and is not viewed as a serious candidate, so she risks nothing by calling for pointless recounts.

The upside: she galvanizes the radical left behind her and likely garners some more support in four years. The downside: the media and Democrats continue to view her as a marginal candidate, which they already do, so its nothing new and is an acceptable loss.

Stein did not expect, however, that the remnants of the Clinton campaign would embrace her recount effort. It is not aimed at winning and everybody knows it so why would Clinton do it? Clinton's embrace of this recount undermines Stein's attempt to represent the hero of the angry left.

Clinton wants to deprive Stein of that street cred because if Stein becomes another Ralph Nader, a third-party candidate who can get real votes, it threatens the Democrats. So Clinton's people are going to join Stein in this effort to share in the credit for irritating Trump, which is what the angry left wants right now. They are just doing it to blunt Stein's ability to peel away votes from Democrats. It's not about 2016. It's about 2020.

Stein responds to Trump's almost certainly accurate claim that she is just promoting herself

Finally, Stein makes clear that she is truly a radical by saluting Castro

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