TRUMP EFFECT: Dow Jones hits 19,000 for the first time in history

Despite dire predictions from the dominant liberal media, the Dow Jones is hitting record highs - Some modifications made to photos 1 | 2

The CNN Money headlines reads, "Stunning! Dow hits new high of 19,000 as Trump rally continues."

Prior to the election, the media all but handed the presidency to Hillary Clinton. Investors seemed okay with Hillary winning, as share indexes increased. When it began to look like Trump might catch her, shares dropped. But now we see that this was largely a result of fear of uncertainty and not a fear of Trump.

Once Trump won the White House, the market has soared. The expectations that Trump's tax cuts and reduced regulations could increase overall demand in the economy and increase growth seems to have pumped the Dow.

The Dow will certainly drop back below 19,000, but hitting a new

mark is always significant, especially in such a charged political environment when media prognosticators had predicted drops.

Video: See what Trump said in his message to America this morning

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