Trump's best friend in politics, the hostile millennial protester

The more hostile and disrespectful the protester, the more they help Trump win in 2018 and 2020 Photo was modified

President Obama was a community organizer, which in many respects is a friend to protest. So it is not surprising that the current president encouraged the protester against Trump, telling them, "don't be silent" and "organizing matters." We are seeing a lot of protesters take the president up on his advice and go into the streets protesting against Trump. Many, however, are protesting angrily, blocking traffic, engaging in absurd theater to make equally absurd points, or even openly disrespecting the newly elected Vice President, all to protest the election.

The vast majority of those protesters fall within the millennial generation. They are the single largest voting bloc by age group, yet they turned out in the lowest percentage. So they are literally protesting their own laziness in screaming fits by blocking traffic and standing for five hours pretending to be a slave, apparently suggesting that Trump's election indicates people who voted Trump want slavery back.

Perhaps chief among them is one Brandon Victor Dixon, a thirty-five year old millennial who took his opportunity to protest Trump's election by calling on the Vice President-Elect to protect and uphold the inalienable rights of "the diverse America," after calling on the audience to record and share the statement on social media. That was a modern protest, disrespecting the VP-elect in as public a way possible after he attended your show, a show of support for diversity on the part of Pence, or at least one would think. Go figure.

Many millennials simply can't accept the election. The problem for them is that much of the older Democratic coalition has left the Democrats to vote for Trump. They did this amidst all of the fury of the pre-election protests and outrage poured upon America from Hollywood, academia and in social media.

Their anger didn't persuade those former Democrats to leave Trump before the election and it will not persuade them now.



Even worse for the Democrats, the generation following the millennials has shown signs of being much more conservative than millennials. The screaming student-loan class seems to be isolated in America. The next election will see many more members of that next generation, Generation Z, begin to vote.

It is a good bet that this new younger injection of conservatism will help to offset the overwhelmingly liberal millennial generation. That, in conjunction with Trump's new coalition that includes a large portion of former Democrats in the Industrial Midwest states, will likely be enough to secure victories for Republicans in 2018 congressional elections and the 2020 presidential reelect.

We know this because all of the protesting and accusations of racism and sexism did not work this time. They pulled out all the stops and delivered a full-throated condemnation of Donald Trump and all his supporters and it failed. What makes them think it will work after Trump has had a chance to actually lead as president and is not merely a former reality show star? Trump will have the biggest platform of any person in the world for four years so people will hear him unfiltered. A strategy of outrage and condemnation will not work against a president.

All the screaming in the world will just accomplish more of what happened in 2016, driving women and millennials who do not like conflict and controversy to tune out while Trump's determined coalition grows and becomes emboldened. Scream if you must, but with every scream you just sink the Democratic party's hopes of winning further into quick sand. It may very well be true that the Democrats are stuck with this protest mindset, in which case they will lose for a good while longer.

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