It looks like President-Elect Trump has found the man to replace Obamacare

What has Congressman Price proposed to replace Obamacare? Image

Price is the likely HHS secretary pick

According to the New York Times, citing a transition team official, President-Elect Trump has tapped Congressman Price to head the Health and Human Services Department. He will control a $1 trillion budget and administer health programs that cover over 100 million citizens.

Congressman Tom Price is a medical doctor who worked in private practice as an orthopedic surgeon and spent some time teaching at the Emory University School of Medicine. He attended the University of Michigan to receive his medical degree.

What has Congressman Price proposed to replace Obamacare?

Congressman Price has proposed replacing Obamacare with a plan intended to put patients and doctors in charge by prioritizing innovation, accessibility and affordability.

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He has proposed doing this by utilizing individual health pools and expanded health savings accounts. He has also proposed tax credits for the purchase of health insurance and reforms aimed at stemming lawsuit abuse directed at medical professionals.

This approach puts Congressman Price right in line with the mainstream Republican approach of looking for private sector solutions whenever possible while relying on government when necessary, such as in the implementation of high risk pools.

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