Evidence of potentially widespread voter fraud emerges in Nevada

Aaron Rossiter | 1/13/17 | 11:50PM/EST

Nevada is one of the only states where Hillary over performed her polls

The real reason recounts were requested in Wisconsin and Pennsylvania is that Hillary polled better in those states than she actually performed on election day. We know now that Hillary polled better almost everywhere than she actually performed because polling systemically overestimated Democratic turnout.

In at least one state, however, she actually polled worse than she performed on election day. Considering that there was a nationwide undercount of Trump's support in polling. a pattern repeated in the states, it is unusual that Hillary would over perform her polls in any jurisdiction. But she did just that in Nevada.

My poll average showed Hillary barely leading in Nevada, by only 0.1%, in the final average of Nevada polls. She ended up winning by a larger margin than that.

I wrote two days before the election that something unusual seemed to be occurring in Nevada based on a sudden surge of early vote on the last day of early voting. It seems now that much of that vote may have been fraudulent.

Additional potential evidence for voter fraud in Nevada

As outlined in an interview with Newsmax, the campaign of Stan Vaughan, a Republican Assembly Candidate for Nevada District 15, canvased his district by knocking doors. When an active voter on the list was not at the house when his campaign knocked on a door, his campaign would send a piece of mail via USPS to the address.

9,200 of the pieces of mail that his campaign sent were returned to the campaign by the Post Office. According to the USPS, mail may be deemed undeliverable for a several reasons, specifically lack of postage, incomplete, illegible or incorrect address, addressee is not at the address, mail goes unclaimed, mail was refused or the minimum criteria for mailability is not met.

In the event of renumbering of houses, renaming of streets, conversion from a rural to city-style address, or consolidation of mail routes or post offices, mail will be redirected to the correct new address. People who move will have their mail forwarded for six months.

We know, therefore, that mail that is returned is usually because of postage problems, the address


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Then Democratic Senate candidate Masto encouraged people to vote after polls had officially closed

is incomplete somehow or the person simply does not reside at the address. Assuming that the majority of the mailings Mr. Vaughan sent were returned due to the addressee not residing at the address with no forwarding address, it is safe to conclude that this represents potential evidence of widespread voter fraud.

Mr. Vaughan then randomly selected 200 of the 9200 returned mailings to compare to the list of people who actually voted. He discovered that 185 of those 200 people in fact voted in this most recent election.

I contacted Mr. Vaughan regarding the specific manner in which the mailings were returned. If he comments, I will update this article to reflect that. He did, however, already give some indication of the reasons for the returned mailings in his interview with Newsmaxtv.

From within that group of 200, Mr. Vaughan said that one reason for the returned mail was the person had a forwarding address located out of state, indicating that a person who no longer resides in Nevada voted in the state. He also indicated the people listed as deceased both had an address on the active voter list and actually voted. People whose mailings were marked "Attempted, not known," also voted. Last, it was so bad that over one hundred people who potentially voted were registered at an address that is a vacant lot with no mail receptacle.

Mr. Vaughan also noted that the daily cumulative voting numbers showed that through November 2nd, 10,000 people had early voted. On November 4th, a total of 12,466 people had voted. As of Nov. 2nd, only 3600 Democrats had voted. On Nov. 4th 6800 Democrats had voted. So 3200 Democrats voted between Nov. 2nd and Nov. 4th, but the total number of voters only increased by 2466. This is an impossibility.

Mr. Vaughan identified as many as 15,000 fraudulent votes in his district. His district only represents one of forty-two voting districts in the state. Considering that Trump only lost by 28,000 votes and Hilliary over performed her polling in the state, it seems that voter fraud very well may have cost him the state.

This article will be updated as more information comes to light.


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