Trump rips CNN head Jeff Zucker and CNN to his face in front of rest of media

According to New York Post sources, the meeting was a "f---ing firing squad" Photo was modified

According to the Hollywood Reporter, today Donald Trump met with several television network anchors and executives from CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, CBS, NBC and ABC. People who attended included George Stephanopoulos, Chuck Todd, Jeff Zucker, Wolf Blitzer, Charlie Rose, Lester Holt, John Dickerson and Norah O'Donnell, among others.

According to a source that spoke to the New York Post, Trump told CNN head Jeff Zucker that "I hate your network, everyone at CNN is a liar and you should be ashemed."

The source also said to the New York Post, "The meeting was a total disaster." That source said that Trump said repeatedly that, "We're in a room full of liars, the deceitful dishonest media who got it all wrong."

Trump has also targeted the New York Times this morning by canceling a scheduled meeting with the New York Times when "terms and conditions of the meeting were changed at the last moment." He Tweeted that he might schedule a new meeting if they stop covering him "inaccurately and with a nasty tone!"

Trump cancels meeting for today with New York Times

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