With Melania under siege from the left, Hilfiger says he would be proud to dress her

Increasingly Melania and even Barron Trump have become targets of angry attacksSome modifications made to photo

According to the Daily Mail, Tommy Hilfiger, a designer that most people have actually heard of unlike Sophie Theallet, said that "any designer should be proud" to dress Melania Trump. He also said that Melania is "a very beautiful woman" and that Ivanka is also "beautiful and smart."

Also according to the Daily Mail and Women's Wear Daily, Hilfiger said that he does does not think "people should become political about it."

The designer flap has come amidst several other attacks on Melania, specifically she received harsh criticism and mockery for speaking out against cyber-bullying. Apparently she is not permitted to speak out on any issue on which her husband does not have completely clean hands. Is this what modern feminism wants, blaming the wife for the alleged sins of the husband?

In addition, Gigi Hadid mocked Melania Trump in a shocking way, seeming to make fun of her accent and making a tortured reference to the claim of a plagiarized speech. Hadid did go on to apologize to "anyone that I offended." That's great, but the AMA audience still laughed at the mockery and her letter is really rather sparing on the apology. All of it is shocking.

Finally, Rosie O'Donnell has mentioned Barron Trump in what seems like a sympathetic context on the face of it, but could be intended to hurt Melania and Barron in particular by either stating a falsehood or violating their privacy in a profoundly unacceptable way.

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