1 out of 8 African-American men voted for Trump

The old Democrat strategy of charging racism is failing. Many minorities simply do not believe that Trump is a racist.


Nearly one in eight black men voted for Trump

Thirteen percent of black men voted for Trump, this according to the official exit polls. This more than doubles Romney's performance with African-American men. Considering that the exit polls, like any other poll, rely on the respondent to tell the truth, it is reasonable to assume some black men who voted for Trump may not have admitted it. The shy Trump voter was a common feature in polling this year that only a few poll analysts anticipated.

Polling throughout the states and nationally demonstrated that more people voted for Trump than said they were going to in the polls. The polls seemed to hide between one and two percent of Trump's vote due to the shy Trump voter. This is based on where he polled verses how people actually voted.

Trump would have fared a little better with blacks overall

So apply the shy Trump voter to the exit polls, we see Trump probably pulled 14 to 15% of black men and 5 to 6% of black women. Hillary also polled especially strong with all women in the electorate. African-American women only voted for Trump at a 4% rate.

Considering the sharp gender gap throughout the electorate, it is fair to assume that more black women would have voted for Trump if he had been running against a man. It's fair to assume he probably would have pulled about 9 to 11% of the overall African-American vote if polls were accurate. Had he run against a man, he may have received as much as 13 to 15% of the black vote. The Democrats need to rethink their basic strategy of appealing to the charge of racism.

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