Trump's flag desecration Tweet reflects a Clinton proposal

Trump tweeted a flag burning law that Hillary Clinton proposed in 2005 and the left savaged him, many who supported Hillary Clinton in the election

Was Trump just making a point about leftist media and NeverTrumpers?

The left went nuts about Trump's tweet, but never mentioned the fact that Hillary Clinton had proposed this very thing in 2005. All of the people below supported Hillary Clinton explicitly or at least would have preferred that Hillary be elected over Trump.

David Frum, a NeverTrumper, seemed to support Hilary in the election. But when Trump repeats her proposal, he lashes out . . .

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Hillary Clinton proposed a $100,000 fine and a one-year jail term for burning the flag


There is some old footage of Hillary talking about the bill in this liberal blog (Some bad language)

Trump's Tweet discussed



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