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A self-described social justice warrior who executed children and starved political opponents to deathSome modifications made to photo

Castro murdured and imprisoned in the name of social justice

Fidel Castro was a true believer in Marxist communism. He ordered seven pints of blood to be extracted from those who were sentenced to execution for imaginary crimes against the state. Subsequently that blood was sent to the communists in Vietnam to support their fight against the "capitalist pigs".

Early in the communist revolution, thousands were summarily executed and tortured brutally. Thousands of Cubans were shot by firing squads including many children.

In the years following Castro allowed people to suffer and starve in his political prisons. Prisoners,

Cubans react to the death of Castro

 Trump on Cuba


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including teenagers, were sometimes beaten to death by prison guards and denied medical attention, which also led to deaths.

Many have also died attempting to flee the monstrous communist regime, including many children. In 1971, for example, the Cuban guard rammed a boat full of people attempting to flee resulting in the deaths of three children. In 1994 twelve children ranging in age from six months to eleven years died when the Cuban Coast Guard sank their vessel.

Many have died attempting to reach freedom. The crisis continues today.

Obama's normalization of relations with Cuba

The Obama White House has changed course in Cuba, beginning a process of normalization of relations with them. The rationale is that our approach hasn't worked because other governments do not embargo Cuba, thereby undermining our embargo. The White House claims to want to promote democracy in Cuba, yet they have not made any real demands on the regime to enforce this.

The White House opened our embassy back up in Cuba despite no changes on the part of the regime. The Obama White House argues that it is better to encourage and support reform than to isolate the nation, pushing it to fail. Opponents of their approach, led by Senator Marco Rubio, argue that Obama's approach is naive as to how the world works and will lead to a tightened grip to power by the regime for decades into the future.

Trump promises to reverse Obama's concessions

President-Elect Trump has vowed to reverse Obama's concessions to the regime. Perhaps two events have happened in the last two and a half weeks, Trump's election and the death of Fidel Castro, that will lead to the liberation of our long-suffering Cuban friends to the south.

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