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Three of the top eight national polls in 2012 now show the race a toss up

The UPI/CVoter poll has narrowed, now showing a very close race


The IBD/TIPP poll and the LA Times/Daybreak poll have received a lot of coverage for showing the race a toss-up. They receive coverage because they were among the top four most accurate polls in 2012 out of dozens of nationwide polls.

Now the eighth most accurate poll from 2012 is showing this race a toss-up. The UPI/CVoter poll now shows it a three-point race, with Clinton at 49% and Trump at 46%. This is within the poll's margin of error.

Notably, this poll does not include third-party candidates. When polls include them, it usually favors Trump. So this poll may actually indicate a dead-heat or a Trump lead if third-party candidates were included.

The accuracy ratings from the 2012 elections can be found on


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