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National Likely Voters - Clinton 40.6, Trump 40.4 Battleground States - Trump leads by 0.95 points


Trump jumping ahead in Colorado polls, up 3.5%

Not only is Trump polling much better than he was in Colorado up until September, but he is actually leading in the state in the two polls taken there in September. In the Emerson poll Trump is up four points, receiving 42 to Clinton's 38. In the Reuters/Ipsos poll, Trump leads by three, 43 to 40.

Considering that Clinton was so confidant in Colorado that she pulled her money out of the state in July, these September polls represent an earthquake in Colorado and nationally.

I added Colorado to the Battleground Index tonight, which only includes states that are actually close in the recent polling. He is ahead in Colorado by 3.5 points. Colorado adds another minimal scenario for Trump to win, which expands his options exponentially. Colorado makes a very significant electoral difference.

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