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MEDIA GOT TRUMPED: On election acceptance, Trump gave the right answer

If liberal media really thought the answer hurt Trump, they wouldn't be so angry about it

Bob Creamer, pictured above discussing voter fraud, visited the White House 342 times

Donald Trump was asked to accept the election results no matter what happens in the media or at the ballot boxes around the country. Trump refused, saying that he would wait to see what happens before he accepts the election results.

The liberal media has reacted with outrage, making this answer the primary story coming out of the debate. While one might assume this is a bad thing for Trump, that person would be wrong.

The unfounded allegations of women claiming Trump sexually mistreated them have consumed the liberal media discussion for more than a week. Trump needs a new discussion in the liberal media. By making this statement on election acceptance, Trump not only changed the subject, but shaped their discussion in such a way that corruption ends up as the primary focus. Genius?

When someone considers whether Trump should accept the election results, he or she will automatically ask why he might refuse. One can't think about this and not ask that question; it just jumps out. The answer? Corruption. Issue selection represents the most important objective for any politician, and Trump made corruption the main focus through this answer.

If you doubt this, just watch the media drop the discussion of election acceptance after a day of receiving emails from their viewers. They won't like the questions the subject raises.

Consider for a moment what the media would have done if Trump gave the opposite answer, that he would accept the results no matter what. They would have praised Trump for that answer, stating that while the battle has been bruising, everything will be okay in the end. Translation: we can do whatever we want, lie, distort, ignore the festering corruption of Hillary Clinton, and Trump won't do anything about it.

While the weak establishment Republicans would have praised Trump for this answer because it gives them what they most crave, love from the liberal media, it would have been a strategic disaster for Trump's campaign. It would have given the media license to ignore Wikileaks and Project Veritas more than they already have.

This answer would have been an abandonment of his base and Trump needs his base to be passionate and motivated. By giving the answer Trump gave, he is in harmony with his vocal base and he keeps the pressure on the media to talk about their own corruption.

In fact, Trump not only turned a spotlight on those daily developing stories, but he riveted that spotlight in place. The statement that Trump made is so unique and provocative, that to ignore the corruption causes a little anxiety to develop out of frustration that we are not dealing with what really matters. The media just doesn't get it. They got Trumped.

Remember also, the liberal media will never discuss Donald Trump in a favorable light. The best he can hope for is to force them to talk about a subject that leads viewers to ask questions that potentially help him. He achieves this objective by withholding acceptance of an election that hasn't happened yet.

What questions might viewers of CNN ask when hearing this discussion?

Why might Trump reject that election results?

Would he have any good reason to reject the election results?

Okay, so the only reason to reject election results would be if someone cheated. Did someone cheat in this election?

There you have it, a viewer of liberal media news asking the very questions that will make them open to considering the corruption question. When they become open to the subject, they will Google it. When they Google it, they begin to see information Clinton and the liberal media are trying to cover up. Just watch Google Trends over the coming days. That's a Trump score.

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