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National Likely Voters - Clinton 40.6, Trump 40.4 Battleground States - Trump leads by 0.50 points

On Sunday, Trump lead increases to nearly 7 points after media attacks

Trump has held at least a six-point lead, or more, for four consecutive days in the LA Times daily tracker. Clearly a lasting shift has materialized. Today, he receives 47.7% to Hillary's 41.0%, nearly a seven-point lead.

The media attacked Trump Friday night and all day Saturday for his pointed criticism of Hillary's hypocrisy on gun control. She advocates stricter gun control and will appoint a Supreme Court Justice who is likely to vote with the current four-seat liberal bloc to severely restrict gun rights in America.

Much of the media alleged that Trump was calling for violence against Clinton when it seemed that he was just making the point that she is hypocritical. He argued that she would take citizens' guns and keep hers. Despite the widespread media attack on Trump, his lead in this poll actually increased by nearly a point.

This inability of the media to move Trump's numbers with its virtually unanimous condemnation of Trump seems to signal that the mainstream media has lost much of its influence, as a Gallup poll this week showing that only 32% of Americans trust the media, including only 14% of Republicans and 30% of Independents, seems to demonstrate.

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In all battlegrounds, Trump leads by 0.50 points. Trump can win in several scenarios laid out below without Pennsylvania. See more here

Scenario 1 (270EV): Trump loses VA, NH and NV, wins FL, NC, OH, WI, IA, AZ - Trump +1.58

Scenario 2 (270EV): Trump loses VA and WI, wins FL, OH, NC, IA, NV, AZ, NH - Trump +1.36

Scenario 3 (273EV): Trump loses WI, IA and NH, wins VA, FL, OH, NC, NV, AZ - Clinton +0.70

Scenario 4 (276EV): Trump loses VA and NH, wins FL, OH, NC, WI, IA, NV, AZ - Trump +1.50