11/09/16 - 2:43AM  


The media, academic, pop-culture and Democratic establishment condescened to Trump from the start. America rebuffed that establishment.

America has changed. The elite of Washington DC, New York, Chicago and Hollywood have been humbled. The phony polls that filled the air waves and screens of devices all over the world, intended to persuade the American electorate that they had no choice in the presidential election because there was only one serious candidate, were not believed.

As state after state defied the fraudulent projections, one could sense that a bubble was bursting. President Obama's sense of "decency" was no doubt shuddering beneath the weight of Trump's triumphant taste for telling the truth.

Even Fox News saw it's fights as Karl Rove railed against new host Tucker Carlson for failing to show proper deference to a former president who refused to consider endorsing Trump. He may have had a point, but the emotion betrayed his disgust for the new president of the people.

The underlings have risen up. The lowly voters whose job it is to support the high elite GOP establishment who alone possess the social ethic to mix with the governing few, have taken it upon themselves to embrace the governing mandate.

Those little people, the ones who filled hundreds of arenas with passion for a man who represents them without shame, but love for them. They stand victorious tonight.

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