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Bloomberg Florida poll and Remington Research polls show just how close this race is

Trump only needs a small shift. Endless media narrative that race is over is just wrong.

The daily drumbeat of corporate media telling us that this race is over had an impact last week. Trump started to dip in the polls as we saw him drop behind in the IBD and LA Times/Daybreak polls. Those have been his stalwart polls, showing him leading when the others would not. But that has reversed and Trump is back on top in the LA Times/Daybreak and holding steady in the IBD/TIPP.

All along I have been writing that this is a close race. Those national polls can really only tell you if it's a blowout or a close race. The good national polls are showing that it's a pretty close race, within five points.

If a national poll is showing it at six points or more, that's just not a credible finding right now. Obama defeated McCain by seven and that was after the collapse of our economy and the housing crisis. We are not going to see that kind of margin this election.

Megyn Kelly and her ilk are convinced that the Fox News poll and the other live caller polls that are assuming a 2012 extremely high minority voter turnout are right. They are definitely wrong! It's not even worth your time considering. This race is within three or four points for sure. We know this because the state polls in the bellwether states are showing that this is a close race, and you can take that to the bank. The state polls are just better polls for a variety of reasons.

There is just no good reason to assume a high turnout like we had in 2012. We see now that Reuters/Ipsos is showing that young voters are starting to tune out the election because of its negative tone. This is a very bad sign for Clinton.

Left-wing media is dangerously undermining democracy in 2016


This morning a Bloomberg poll, certainly not a poll that makes favorable assumptions about his turnout prospects, shows Trump ahead in Florida.

Perhaps Remington Research Group is picking up on this trend of younger voters to tune out the election. Whatever the reason, Remington Research, a pollster that rates among the highest, is finding the races in the states to be very competitive.

The pollster found Trump ahead in Nevada, Ohio and North Carolina. They found Trump tied in Florida and only trailing by two in Colorado and three in Pennsylvania. If this pollster weren't rated so well on fivethirtyeight it would be easy to dismiss these as outliers. But because it is such a highly rated pollster by a website that leans left, these results represent something to consider. The samples were all around 1500 voters. They paint a picture of a race Trump can win fairly easily and it would not be a shock. By these numbers, it looks more like a 50/50 race right now. Follow my account on Twitter for daily updates on the election!