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WLOS and other outlets report allegation of punch as fact, no evidence

WLOS, an ABC affiliate in Asheville, NC is reporting that a Trump supporter punched an elderly woman. There were no eyewitnesses and the alleged attacker was not arrested, but a warrant has been issued. From the video of the alleged victim within the news story, no visible signs of a punch are apparent.

Despite no eyewitnesses or evidence beyond the alleged victim's story, the affiliate is reporting this as a fact. The headline also seems to advocate that this is a deplorable act, seemingly taking the words of Hillary Clinton and applying them to a Trump supporter with no firm evidence. The story has been picked up by other news outlets nationally. For example, WKRC in Cincinnati is now carrying the story on it's website.

Journalistic integrity demands that this be reported as an allegation and not a statement of fact. In this highly charged election season, this sort of incomplete reporting can spark a national controversy based strictly on the claim of one person with no supporting evidence.

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A screenshot of the original story can be seen here.