Glenn Beck's appalling judgment - Trump "dictatorship" more dangerous than certain leftist judicial tyranny

Glenn Beck (25657341265) 

Glenn Beck has warned that Donald Trump, if elected, will become something akin to a South American dictator and throw out the Constitution. This, mind you, he would do in the face of brutal opposition from 90% of American media, Congress, academia and pop culture. This possibility, in Beck's mind, is a greater threat than Hillary's Court undermining and rewriting the Constitution.

Beck claims his greatest desire politically is to preserve the US Constitution, but considering the extraordinary assumptions and leaps in logic Beck regularly employs to fuel his hatred of Trump, it sure looks much more like a personal vendetta. Glenn Beck paid for the set of the Oval Office from the movie JFK so he and his toadies could sit in it everyday. He also endorsed a candidate in the primaries, Ted Cruz. Beck not only endorsed Cruz, but worked very hard, dedicating time, money and hours of radio time, to electing Cruz. To put it bluntly, he's obsessed with the presidency.

But in Beck's quest to gain easy access to the real Oval Office through Ted Cruz, he lost to Trump, and lost badly. It seems inescapable to conclude that a major component of Beck's opposition to Trump is pure envy and bitterness. Nothing else explains his complete lack of logic when advocating opposition to Trump. He talks about a "hundred year plan," and that his audience will be the "remnant" that saves America. This kind of thinking is either delusional in a western socialist democracy, which we will become if Hillary can pack the Court, or it imagines embracing revolution. If Beck wants a revolution, he should just openly advocate for one, or he should drop this crazy opposition to the only candidate who can save the Court and back Trump. Given Beck's penchant for casual hyperbole when the mood strikes, it is much more likely that this is delusional thinking fueled by bitterness from the loss rather than a call to revolution.

A fair observer could conclude that Beck's behavior, considering its extreme leaps in thinking all serving the purpose of opposing the one who stopped his presidential candidate with whom he had a very close relationship, is indicative of an obsession with the presidency. It is more megalomaniacal than sacrificial or prophetic, as Beck would have you believe.

For Glenn Beck, the risk of Trump becoming a dictator is so great that he is willing to pay the enormous price of giving leftists control of the Supreme Court for decades, and perhaps even a century. That spells the end of our republic.

Maybe this makes sense to Glenn Beck as he sits dreaming in his air-conditioned Oval Office set, marinating in delusions. But to the rest of us conservatives, it's appalling. The following holdings from the Supreme Court would soon follow a Trump loss that Glenn Beck so badly covets.

Immediate implications of a Hillary Court

5-4 cases that would shift in the other direction, immediately

Prayers in any civil context would be banned

Federal government would receive more power to regulate state election processes based on race

Legality of lethal Injection would be imperiled

EPA could set emissions limits with no cost-benefit analysis

Corporations may no longer contribute money in political elections

Company's owned by Christians will be forced to pay for abortion and contraception

Bad decisions that would become permanent

Decision favoring Obamacare subsidies that were not provided for in the law, but invented by the Court

Holding that courts can impose race tests on state legislature redistricting

New Rulings that would fundamentally change America

Guns would be (banned) permitted for official and well-regulated militia's only

Polyandrous Marriage