A harsh Trump critic pleads with #NeverTrumpers to consider the devastation a Hillary Court wreaks on our republic

Hugh Hewitt, a harsh Trump critic on constitutional and conservatism grounds, pleads with #NeverTrumpers to reconsider their steadfast opposition to Trump. He argues that Trump's conservative list of Supreme Court picks can be relied on because Mitch McConnell can block any nomination that isn't from that list, and he will defend that list.

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The argument is sound. Not only will Mitch McConnell have an ideological motivation to block any non-list Trump picks to the Court, but he will have a political one as well. The conservative block in the Republican party rules the roost, both in Washington and in McConnell's Kentucky. If Trump were to appoint a person not on the list, or substantially conforming to the principles that shaped the list, and McConnell did not block the nomination, repercussions would be severe for McConnell and the GOP hopes for controlling the Senate. We have every reason to believe Trump appointments will be from the list.

Not only does McConnell have the political and ideological motivations to enforce the Trump list, but he would certainly relish the prospect of garnering the adoration of constitutionalists for his steadfast act of defense of the Constitution in the face of a Trump abandonment of the list. Trump, likewise, will have no reason to abandon the list. His base has been conservative. To abandon this base would be to abandon the presidency, as all hopes of reelection and any support for him in all respects and at all times by the core of his base would blink out.

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Certainly close election followers have read and heard many times this election that we have a binary choice. That is not only practically true, effectively true, or essentially true; it is ABSOLUTELY true. We only have two choices. No third party will win the White House. So if one wants to deal in reality on such weighty matters as the future makeup of the Supreme Court, he or she will abandon ridiculous notions designed only to confuse those following the debate. Or worse, these #NeverTrumpers are attempting to push one who would vote for Trump if he or she had full knowledge of the future implications of not voting for him, away from Trump, by pointing to someone designed to appeal to ideological purity or stylistic preferences, who has no chance of winning. It is not too much to suggest that these third and fourth options are stalking horses currently hiding #NeverTrumpers' true desire to elect Hillary Clinton out of pure rage and petty vindictiveness.

Evan McMullin or Gary Johnson simply can't win this election or even a single electoral vote. To vote for them is not only to waste your vote, it is to make a mockery of its importance. Those who make such a choice on grounds of defending the constitution will face a lifetime of gut churning guilt as they see the leftist Court rob our Constitution of its ability to limit political power and rewrite our Constitution from the bench. They will watch their children suffer in a nation that is no longer governed by the rule of law, but leftists whose power is effectively unrestrained when paired with a leftist media and an army of millennial lemmings guided by propagandists on their smart phones.

This list of consequences is horrifying. The right to free education well into adulthood will legally trample any social stigma attached to such prolonged adolescence. The Court, our Supreme Court, will mock and attempt to humiliate anyone who insists on personal responsibility on this front, and idiots at Google and the new media elite will back them up. The Supreme Court will join the likes of Bill Maher as crusading secularists bent on weakening all social pressures to embrace a theistic world-view and any moral framework that follows by labeling such paradigms as bigoted because they disparately impact people who were born gay, AND LITERALLY FOR NO OTHER REASON. Our Supreme Court will become that empty headed pseudo-intellectual preaching to everyone about love and fairness with no thought to practicality or reality. The irony will sicken the constitutionalists as our governing structure will become unmoored as liberal dogooders impose their will through "interpretation," which will really be rewriting of that very Constitution they so prize. How repugnant to them, but it is them we will have to thank.

The cultural war will end, and at its conclusion we will find the radical left victorious, wearing black robes and feeding on our young. Those of you who can't stand Trump will be to blame. By looking at the polls, you are currently making the difference. You should be ashamed and you will be held morally accountable by your fellow conservatives who are not letting blind jealous rage blind us to reality.



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