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Poll Averages Last Updated 8/2/08, 3:36PM/EST

 Obama 46.5
 McCain 43.9
McCain vs. Obama - Likely Voters Only
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Saturday, August 2, 2008

Ref's Best

Obama accepts offshore drilling  | Wash. Times

Obama Aide Concedes 'Dollar Bill' Remark Referred to His Race  |  ABC News

Ref's Comment: NYT acknowledges Obama's mistep on injecting race - With Genie Out of Bottle, Obama Is Careful on Race   |  NYT

Race Proves to Be Unwelcome but Persistent Issue  |  Wash. Post

McCain chides Obama over school vouchers |  Wash. Post

McCain's mockery hits rival as 'the One'  | Wash. Times

McCain Web Ad Mockingly Compares Obama to Moses  |  FNC

Obama camp responds: 'sad...juvenile antics'  |  Politico  |  Ref's Comment: The hostility with which the Obama camp responded indicates some discomfort with the ads.  One does not respond to ineffective ads with ad hominem attacks, but ignores or dismisses them while appearing to stay above the fray.

McCain Defends Attacks on Obama as Having ‘Fun’  | NYT

Obama Interrupted By Protesters During Florida Address  |  FNC

Report: Al Qaeda No. 2 Zawahiri Injured, Possibly Killed |  FNC

A Song for McCain  |  NYT - Download the single for FREE

McCain Camp Accuses Obama of Playing the Race Card  |  FNC

'The One'? Take a Number, Sen. Obama  |  Wash. Post

GOP's celeb-Obama message gains traction |  Politico |  Ref's Comment: Pundits can mock the Britany/Paris ad all they want, but it cuts through the fog and makes a clear point that even the most casual political observers understand. 

Poll: McCain Shrinks Obama’s Lead in Three Battleground States  |  FNC

McCain's Internet edge: Ad price  |  Politico

The Curious Mind of John McCain |  Wash. Post

NBC Hires Luke Russert as a Correspondent  |  NYT

Ludacris Provides Obama With More Unwelcome Help  |  Wash. Post

Ludacris Raps About Obama, Upsetting Many |  NYT |  Ref's Comment: This song will not help Obama win over the red states he is targeting such as Virginia and North Carolina.  He needs to reject these lyrics personally, and not in a statement, or this video will go viral and do great damage, but it probably already has. 



Pelosi: Save the Planet, Let Someone Else Drill  | Charles Krauthammer, Wash. Post

McCain's Lame "Arrogant" Attack  | Kirsten Powers, NY Post  |  Ref's Comment: One would think lameness would indicate ineffectiveness, but this is not the case. 

Perspective From the Far-Left: Can This Planet Be Saved?  | Paul Krugman, NYT | Ref's Comment: Conservatives wonder if people like Krugman can possibly be serious when they ask such questions and if they have an understanding of the earth's history.

The drill-nothing Congress goes home  |  Gary Andres, Wash. Times

The civil rights shakedown — myth or reality?  |  Wash. Times

Channeling Jesse  | Rich Lowry, NY Post

Ugly game of who's the bigot  |  Wesley Pruden, Wash. Times

Obama's Bad Turn |  WSJ

Missing Dean Acheson  |  David Brooks, NYT

To Fix Obama's Women Problem  |  Dick Morris & Eileen McGann, NY Post

Pelosi's Energy Stonewall   |  WSJ


Non-Political Stories

Five Ways to Get a Good Deal on a Home  | ABC News

Police: Pennsylvania Couple Went on 18-Month Egging Spree  |  FNC

The Dumbest Online Job Hunt Blunders |  ABC

Florida's tomato growers rip FDA |  News Press

Witnesses: Canada bus passenger beheads seat mate |  AP, Yahoo

Congress: No annoying airplane cell phone calls |  AP, Yahoo

Mars Phoenix Lander Finally Samples Ice  |  FNC

The Hill's 50 Most Beautiful 2008  |  The Hill

Exercise: It's an hour a day, people. Seriously.  | LA Times

Granite Countertops a Recipe for Danger?  | Web MD

Scrabble vs. Scrabulous: A lesson in copyright law  | LA Times