Friday, August 15, 2008
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Electoral Vote
Electoral Vote (W/out Leaners) Obama 243
- McCain 163
Electoral Vote (With Leaners) Obama 264
  McCain 215
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Battleground States
Ohio Tied
Florida McCain +2.8
Virginia McCain +0.6
Michigan Obama +3.5
Indiana Obama +1.0
Colorado Obama +1.3
Nevada Tied
Missouri McCain +5.5
Pennsylvania Obama +6.8
Media Bias
Voter Views of Media Bias Obama +37.5
Generic Ballot
Generic Congressional Vote Dem +12.3
Obama vs. Generic Democrat Generic +2.2
McCain vs. Generic Republican McCain +5.7
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Approval Ratings
Bush Approval 28.5
Congressional Approval
Powell Endorsement Rumor . . . clever attempt to deflate Obama's VP buzz?
McCain Should Target Media as Clinton Backers Boil
Key Obama Strategy Threatens His Chances
The Left's Distraction Game - McCain's Task
Obama and Democrats: Please forget what we said
Poll Averages Last Updated 8/15/08, 1:55PM/EST

 Obama 44.7
 McCain 42.3
McCain vs. Obama - Likely Voters Only
Toss Ups
W/ Leaners

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