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Poll Averages Last Updated 4/26/08
 Obama +5.2%
 Obama 48.0
 Clinton 42.8
 Upcoming States (Dems)
West Virginia: Clinton 55.0, Obama 27.0 Clinton +28.0
Kentucky: Clinton 62.0, Obama 26.0      Clinton +36.0
Obama vs. McCain -  Obama +1.0%
 Obama 45.8
 McCain 44.8
Clinton vs. McCain - Clinton +2.0%
 Clinton 47.0
 McCain 45.0
Top 5 Battleground States
Ref's Avg. of Battle- grounds
McCain +3.8
McCain +0.7

Ref's Poll Notes

You might have noticed that Obama's lead over Clinton in the Democratic nomination dropped from 10.0 points to 5.2 points overnight.  This occurred because the Newsweek poll showing a 19-point lead was replaced with the new Newsweek numbers showing a 7-point lead.  The 19-point lead was an anomaly.  No other poll showed a lead nearly that large for Obama. 

Now that Pennsylvania has concluded, Indiana and North Carolina represent the most important states in this Democratic primary. Watch to see if Hillary can cut into Obama's large North Carolina lead or build up a lead in Indiana. If the numbers remain as they are now, that's bad news for Hillary. Her Indiana lead is small and tenuous and she trails badly in North Carolina.  The best she can probably hope for is a wash in terms of popular vote between these two states.  If she does that she's succeeded.  It doesn't look like she will do that at this point.

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