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Glenn Beck's appalling judgment - Trump "dictatorship" more dangerous than certain leftist judicial tyrrany

Glenn Beck (25657341265) 

Glenn Beck has warned that Donald Trump, if elected, will become something akin to a South American dictator and throw out the Constitution. This, mind you, he would do in the face of brutal opposition from 90% of American media, Congress, academia and pop culture. This possibility, in Beck's mind, is a greater threat than Hillary's Court undermining and rewriting the Constitution.

Beck claims his greatest desire politically is to preserve the US Constitution. It sure looks like a personal vendetta on behalf of Ted Cruz. Glenn Beck paid for the set of the Oval Office from the movie JFK so he and his toadies and sit in it everyday. It sure seems like he's obsessed with the White House, and because he could never win that office, he has his handpicked candidate, Ted Cruz, to push.






For Glenn Beck, the risk of Trump becoming a dictator is so great that he is willing to pay the enormous price of giving leftists control of the Supreme Court for decades, and perhaps even a century. That spells the end of our republic. The following holdings from the Supreme Court would soon follow.

Immediate implications of a Hillary Court

5-4 cases that would shift in the other direction, immediately

Prayers in any civil context would be banned

Federal government would receive more power to regulate state election processes based on race

Legality of lethal Injection would be imperiled

EPA could set emissions limits with no cost-benefit analysis

Corporations may no longer contribute money in political elections

Company's owned by Christians will be forced to pay for abortion and contraception

Bad decisions that would become permanent

Decision favoring Obamacare subsidies that were not provided for in the law, but invented by the Court

Holding that courts can impose race tests on state legislature redistricting

New Rulings that would fundamentally change America

Guns would be (banned) permitted for official and well-regulated militia's only

Polyandrous Marriage


PROPAGANDA: information of a biased nature to promote a political view

It seems incredible, but the mainstream media is spinning for Clinton and against Trump in virtually every political report or analysis you see, hear or read. That is no exaggeration. The facts are mere details to incorporate only when it serves the narrative; the rest is just storytelling. Consider Breitbart's powerful condemnation of such dishonest "reporting."

Hillary Clinton's Worst Week--Yet According to MSM, Her Best Week

This race is tightening according to the recent national polls. The media is now pointing to state polls in battleground states, and primarily Pennsylvania. +3 Ohio | +4.5 Florida | +9.2 Pennsylvania. But they fail to mention that Clinton has spent millions in those states and Donald Trump spent his first dollar in any battleground state just this weekend. We must also remember that the Democrats had their convention in Pennsylvania. Trump is close in both Ohio and Florida, within the margin of error, despite the horrible six weeks he had prior to last week. Last, most of these polls are of registered voters, which feature a built in bias towards Democrats. That should be the story, that this really is still a close race. That story will almost certainly emerge in the next couple of weeks as registered voter polls subside, polls that always favor Democrats. The media is going so overboard now, they really risk their credibility with the left and the right. The left just won't trust them because when Trump comes back, as he is doing, they just won't trust their analysis anymore.


EP - Detail of a New York Times Advertisement - 1895

The New York Times admits it is biased in this election in this piece, Trump Is Testing the Norms of Objectivity in Journalism


PRESIDENTIAL TRUMP: Trump visits Louisiana flood victims as Hillary rests and Obama vacations

Breitbart | Lifezette | NY Times | Fox News | Permaink

The Hillary health question is really starting to gain legs. The campaign has responded to it and the liberal media has even shown some interest. Today's contrast feeds this story. Watch in coming days.

Barack Obama playing golf

Donald trump  Hillary Clinton - Caricature



Republicans will unite behind this speech.

This speech hit all the right notes. If Trump continues to give these speeches full of substance, bold conservatism with a compelling delivery, one wonders how his movement won't draw in those wary Republicans still lurking out there. If he can solidify the Republican party, Trump at least draws to a tie, but more likely pulls into the lead.


It's a 4-point race: Hillary's bump is gone, Trump support still depressed from media onslaught

The Real Clear Politics 4-way race average shows a 5.8% lead, but for some reason RCP is including two polls with data that is over two weeks old, both of which still reflect Hillary's bump. Looking only at polls taken in the last week and a half, the lead is 4.4%. That average includes three registered voter polls, which almost always oversample Democrats, as liberal polling guru Nate Silver demonstrates on his website. Because every possible voter has never shown up in any election anywhere in the world, let's knock out the registered voter polls and keep it just to likely voters. Now Trump trails by 3.7%. That's a much closer race than the lying liberal media want you to see, and it's this close with an entire media establishment viciously attacking Trump constantly, a campaign that has been in disarray, and spending zero dollars on advertising. All that is about to change, except the media attack part, so watch out for a Trump bump that will likely stick around.






Watch Trump's last-minute speech on race and crime in riot-rattled Wisconsin

This is something Hillary Clinton would never do, deliver a major speech at the last minute, sure to be carried live on all three news networks. It is Trump's advantage, and his curse, his ability to perform in compelling ways on live television. If he sticks to a script, that could make all the difference.

It appears to have been a home run, garnering millions of politically minded viewers for nearly an hour on one of the hottest news topics in the land. This kind of thing absolutely can reshape this race.

Trump has certainly hurt himself with ill-advised off-the-cuff remarks, but mostly his presence on the television screen in person and live tends to help him. Hillary, however, tends to fall in the polls when she is in front of the camera. She is working a four-day week of late because of this dilemma. As the election nears, she can't continue to hide. The debates will put her in front of much larger audiences than the conventions. Trump is behind right now, but he's improving and Hillary has to come out of the shadows fairly soon. The media can't do her job forever.











Trump reshaped the election Monday, but will he step on it?


Trump proposed "extreme vetting" of Muslims, including questions testing their commitment to womens' rights, gay rights and religious pluralism

Milo thinks that Trump has outflanked Hillary on gay rights, Donald Trump Just Overtook The Democrats On Gay Rights

Trump likened this approach to the one taken by Reagan during the Cold War, where Russian tourists were heavily scrutinized. So this policy has eclipsed Trump's past proposal on a Muslim ban that has caused controversy, and given him an umbrella under which he can repackage that proposal into a much more palatable and reasonable policy. His suggestion that we ban Muslims has transitioned to a Cold War Reagan type policy on Russian tourists of extreme vetting on the basis of American liberal values. That's a position Republicans, and even NeverTrumpers, can get behind. Further, this speech reiterated his approach on ISIS, that being one that prizes unpredictability, another Reagan hallmark. Dare I say it? Trump is making sense in that he is featuring consistency in his foreign policy, something Hillary rarely does, and something that will win over NeverTrumpers.

Not only does this policy approach leave behind any notion of banning Muslims while adhering to the logical principals behind the ban, it also advances the Republican position on gay rights in a way that all Republicans will unite behind. The most conservative to the most socially liberal Republicans will agree on this approach; conservatives because it offers a way to ferret out dangerous radical extremists and liberals because it protects homosexuals, and that will help Trump enormously over the critical next few weeks. So the speech brought forth a coherent policy that Hillary will almost certainly adopt portions of, probably the questions relating to womens' rights and gay rights, which will highlight those areas where Clinton has copied Trump, reversing some of the damage Trump has done to himself in the last few weeks.

Trump simply needs to talk about these uniting themes every day and abandon the old bluster to turn this election around. The policy is sound and he has had an uncanny ability to make the right calls on foreign policy on the Iraq war and post-war where Hillary has not. When Hillary adopts his approach, that will remind people of this uncanny ability he has demonstrated.

If he just sticks to this script every day without making statements that can be taken out of context and abused, he should bring this race back to parity by the debates. If he can get to even or close to it by the debates, he will almost certainly emerge ahead of Hillary after the debates. The expectations for Trump are so low, it's hard to imagine how he can't exceed them. After the debates, does anyone not expect the rest of the emails to emerge? That's the winning formula for Trump, and it started today. But will he step on it? We'll see.

Trump smiling with eyes closed

Trump needs to stick to specific policy proposals that unite Republicans while happily engaging the media that is attempting to destroy him. No more complaining about the media, because everyone knows he's getting a raw deal, so just roll with it. That's how Reagan did it, and Trump has the personality and skill to do the same.



















A harsh Trump critic pleads with #NeverTrumpers to consider the devastation a Hillary Court wreaks on our republic


Hugh Hewitt, a harsh Trump critic on constitutional and conservatism grounds, pleads with #NeverTrumpers to reconsider their steadfast opposition to Trump. He argues that Trump's conservative list of Supreme Court picks can be relied on because Mitch McConnell can block any nomination that isn't from that list, and he will defend that list.

Read Hugh Hewitt's piece, Once more into the Supreme Court breach

The argument is sound. Not only will Mitch McConnell have an ideological motivation to block any non-list Trump picks to the Court, but he will have a political one as well. The conservative block in the Republican party rules the roost, both in Washington and in McConnell's Kentucky. If Trump were to appoint a person not on the list, or substantially conforming to the principles that shaped the list, and McConnell did not block the nomination, repercussions would be severe for McConnell and the GOP hopes for controlling the Senate. We have every reason to believe Trump appointments will be from the list.

Not only does McConnell have the political and ideological motivations to enforce the Trump list, but he would certainly relish the prospect of garnering the adoration of constitutionalists for his steadfast act of defense of the Constitution in the face of a Trump abandonment of the list. Trump, likewise, will have no reason to abandon the list. His base has been conservative. To abandon this base would be to abandon the presidency, as all hopes of reelection and any support for him in all respects and at all times by the core of his base would blink out.

Why won't #NeverTrumpers 'take "yes" for an answer?' Deroy Murdoch argues in the National Review that #NeverTrumpers ignore Trump's pick for VP, the Supreme Court list, waking up about fundraising, a Reaganesque economic proposal and stopping Obamacare, and are actually supporting the election of Hillary Clinton

See Never Trumpniks Pave Hillary's Path to Power

Certainly close election followers have read and heard many times this election that we have a binary choice. That is not only practically true, effectively true, or essentially true; it is ABSOLUTELY true. We only have two choices. No third party will win the White House. So if one wants to deal in reality on such weighty matters as the future makeup of the Supreme Court, he or she will abandon ridiculous notions designed only to confuse those following the debate. Or worse, these #NeverTrumpers are attempting to push one who would vote for Trump if he or she had full knowledge of the future implications of not voting for him, away from Trump, by pointing to someone designed to appeal to ideological purity or stylistic preferences, who has no chance of winning. It is not too much to suggest that these third and fourth options are stalking horses currently hiding #NeverTrumpers' true desire to elect Hillary Clinton out of pure rage and petty vindictiveness.

Evan McMullin or Gary Johnson simply can't win this election or even a single electoral vote. To vote for them is not only to waste your vote, it is to make a mockery of its importance. Those who make such a choice on grounds of defending the constitution will face a lifetime of gut churning guilt as they see the leftist Court rob our Constitution of its ability to limit political power and rewrite our Constitution from the bench. They will watch their children suffer in a nation that is no longer governed by the rule of law, but leftists whose power is effectively unrestrained when paired with a leftist media and an army of millennial lemmings guided by propagandists on their smart phones.

This list of consequences is horrifying. The right to free education well into adulthood will legally trample any social stigma attached to such prolonged adolescence. The Court, our Supreme Court, will mock and attempt to humiliate anyone who insists on personal responsibility on this front, and idiots at Google and the new media elite will back them up. The Supreme Court will join the likes of Bill Maher as crusading secularists bent on weakening all social pressures to embrace a theistic world-view and any moral framework that follows by labeling such paradigms as bigoted because they disparately impact people who were born gay, AND LITERALLY FOR NO OTHER REASON. Our Supreme Court will become that empty headed pseudo-intellectual preaching to everyone about love and fairness with no thought to practicality or reality. The irony will sicken the constitutionalists as our governing structure will become unmoored as liberal dogooders impose their will through "interpretation," which will really be rewriting of that very Constitution they so prize. How repugnant to them, but it is them we will have to thank.

The cultural war will end, and at its conclusion we will find the radical left victorious, wearing black robes and feeding on our young. Those of you who can't stand Trump will be to blame. By looking at the polls, you are currently making the difference. You should be ashamed and you will be held morally accountable by your fellow conservatives who are not letting blind jealous rage blind us to reality.



Trump's Newest Defender - This is about the survival of the "basic structure" of the republic

Hugh Hewitt

Mitch McConnell is the ultimate Trump card for conservatives in Donald Trump Supreme Court appointments

Mitch McConnell 113th Congress 2013 

Despite every reason to do so, the stalking horse #NeverTrumpers seem unable to let go of their rage


MittRomney croppedSasse, Ben 2013-11-04a  
George WillStephen F. Hayes by Gage Skidmore  




Looking closer at those latest NBC/Marist Poll Numbers

The latest batch of Marist poll numbers in key battleground states look bad for Trump, but let's look closer at those numbers. First, the results.

PA: 48 Clinton. 37 Trump. MOE +/-3.4.

OH: 43 Clinton. Trump 38. MOE +/-3.3.

IA: 41 Clinton. Trump 37. MOE +/-3.3.

Why these results are not really as bad as you think for Trump.

Well in Iowa and Ohio Trump is within the margin of error, so that's not so bad, considering that Trump has had an avalanche of hostile media, in part brought on by himself. But wait, the lead for Clinton is 5 in Ohio and 4 in Iowa, both of which are larger than the 3.3% margins of error? No, that's wrong, and it's a mistake most journalists reporting on these stories make. The +/- signs before the margin of error indicate that you must add or subtract the margin of error, 3.3 in this case, to each result. So it is possible that you add 3.3 to Trump's result in Iowa, getting 40.3, and subtract 3.3 from Clinton's result in Iowa, or 37.7, to show Trump actually leading by 2.6 points. Same for Ohio. So anytime a poll is within the margin of error, it can reasonably be interpreted as a toss up, especially when one candidate has received very bad coverage recently that is likely to subside.

But in Pennsylvaina, Trump's numbers are not good. He would almost certainly lose Pennsylvania if the election were held today among ALL REGISTERED VOTERS. But no election anywhere in the world sees all registered voters turn out. Pollsters who want to save a little money will poll all registered voters. They don't have to call as many people this way, because when they determine who is actually likely to vote, they realize a lot of people are going to stay home and they have to call another two or three thousand people.

Another possible reason that a media organization might report a poll of all registered voters, instead of likely voters, is that Democrats almost always do better among all registered voters. That is because Democrats are almost always less likely to turn out and vote than Republicans.

These poll numbers show Trump down in a bad media cycle, but they also don't show Clinton at, above or even near 50 in a good media cycle for her.

Clinton, if she really had a commanding lead, would be at 50% in these polls. The fact that she can't get 50% in a registered voter poll, means her normal pool of potential Democratic voters is definitely smaller than normal for a Democrat. If Trump can just stop saying things the media stops finding so outrageous, he will naturally bounce back to a lead and Iowa and Ohio and probably and a tie among LIKELY voters in Pennsylvania. Clinton is a 48 in PA, but that only means among all POSSIBLE voters, she is getting 48% in a good media cycle. She will likely not have a good media cycle on election day becuase of a likely October surprise, which means her actual pool is more like 45%. With the natural inferior turnout of Democrats and the Democrat's lack of enthusiasm for Clinton, this race is still one Hillary can easily lose.


NBC News 2013 logo












Rudy-Cuomo Battle on the Liberal Media

Highlights of the Interview

Full Interview



Political Jiu Jitsu? Is Trump hiding his graceful side, only to display it at just the right time

According to this preacher, Trump has been searching for God for at least fourteen years. Trump may very well be emphasizing his brash side as a matter of strategy. The play is simple. His personality and brashness become the focus of the entire campaign. He monopolizes the media coverage, though often in a negative way. This goes on for weeks. Then the moment, Trump schedules a Megyn Kelly special on Fox broadcast and comes clean, admitting the mistakes and asking for forgiveness, with his personal spiritual advisor of fourteen years by his side. At that point, about the time Hillary will be hit with more emails showing that she was in fact trading American diplomatic policy and actions for personal wealth.

Before you dismiss this theory out of hand, consider the benefits of such a strategy. It takes the focus off of policy details, a Trump weakness, for many weeks. It keeps the a very large number of people interested in the election, which helps him because he wants to pull voters that don't normally vote. Last, it gives him almost complete control of the election news cycle. He can go out, make a brash statement to dominate the news for a few days, knowing all the while he will make amends with the truth of his viewpoint later on. Just saying, it makes some sense. And remember, it only has to work with Republicans to make the difference.










Joint FBI-US Attorney Probe Of Clinton Foundation Is Underway


Joint FBI-US Attorney Probe Of Clinton Foundation Is Underway

What's In Hillary's Deleted Emails? Here Are 5 Theories.









Liberal media smacked down on BS claim that Trump was inciting violence

Trump Frenzy Proves Media Need Xanax

Watching the liberal media lose their minds over Donald Trump's comments has been disheartening, but also rather humorous becuase of the extreme nature of their reaction. They have taken a point from the Democratic stategy, to make Trump look violent, and have run with it. Don Lemon dutifully parroted the Democratic talking point, that Trump is violent, and acted shocked that anyone would disagree. As he explained what a talking point is, Don demonstrates that he is just spouting liberal media talking points. When it's pointed out that the media said nothing about Obama's comparing Republicans to terrorists, he sighs, obviously realizing his own bias.


Media Freaks When Donald Trump Jokes About the Second Amendment, Stays Silent When HIS Life Is Threatened














The open corruption of the Clintons isn't worth looking into folks

3 Justice Department Field Offices Wanted to Investigate The Clinton Foundation. The DOJ Refused Anyway.

Loretta Lynch’s Justice Dept. Declined FBI Request To Investigate Clinton Foundation

We have open corruption in our political system that the media knows about and won't talk about. That makes the media corrupt. When a nation has corrupt media, we are not far from losing our freedoms. It really is this bad.












Loretta Lynch, official portrait  

Clinton Image Source







Outrageous suggestion. Is it true?

Assange suggests DNC involvement in a murder related to DNC email leaks











Media admits the obvious

VIDEO: We HATE Trump and want him defeated


In case you hadn't noticed, the press is abolutely trashing Trump, over and over again, in an attempt to stop Trump from winning. Those engaging in such poltically motivated action put down their journalistic roles and fill the role of a political operative. Should Democrats crusading against Trump in the disguise of journalists be challenged? Yes. So as citizens, we must challenge these journalists wherever it is possible. Send a Tweet, or a hundred Tweets. Keep posting on Facebook. These are means of poltical influence that can neutralize a hostile media.


Media Freaks When Donald Trump Jokes About the Second Amendment, Stays Silent When HIS Life Is Threatened








Flickr - Official U.S. Navy Imagery - The SECNAV interviews with MSNBC broadcast journalists on the set of the weekday morning talk show "Morning Joe" in New York. 




Poll: Trump Gaining

It looks like the bounce for Hillary is starting to go away. We should know for sure in about two weeks.

Can Trump catch up? It seems to come down to whether he is willing to soften his image and act "less impulsive and more focussed"












Donald Trump Approves 2016;

Quinnipiac Battleground Polls


 For Trump supporters looking for some hope, here ya go! He's basically tied in Ohio and Florida, but is trailing by ten points in Pennsylvania. Clinton is not over 50% in Pennsylvania, however, and it's also the worst point in the election cycle for Trump. So if he can gain back some of the Republicans he has lost, and that is likely to happen, he can win. Hillary will bleed support as Trump ads go up and more emails continue to drip out. This is her high-water mark, no doubt, and shes under 50%.

Remember also that Trump has not spent a dime on advertising in any of these three states. Hillary has spent a fortune. Once he does, that will get him a few points. Also, the media attack will have to relent becuae it can't possibly sustain at this level. Even their partisans are getting a little uneasy about the level of sheer unfairness. We are American afterall, and Americans don't like rigged outcomes. Not to mention that Trump has built his campaign on the assumption that the media will do this.. Last, Trump will likely avoid hostile interviews and stay more on script. All of these things will combine to transform this race back to competitive.



More numbers from battlegrounds showing Trump close

As much as NBC tries to make these numbers look good for Hillary, they still show Trump very close to Hillary in all but Pennsylvania. Trump is down eleven in PA, but that's where the Democrats had their convention, so you have to figure the bounce is more pronounced there.

Honestly, it's really just not that bad for Trump right now. These polls paint a picture of a close race considering this is just after the Democratic convention.


Save our Constitution. Stop the judicial tyrrany that Hillary will impose!

US Supreme Court